Monday, September 17, 2012

The Origami Boat

Emerald Marine Carpentry launched the newest member of it's fleet, a folding Origami boat.  This boat is quickly ready to row, can be easily rigged for sailing, set up for a small outboard motor, or equipped with a peddle power outfit.  This smart little vessel gets tucked up into a handy little package for easy storage.  To purchase the design and materials was about $250.  The finish weight is 44 lbs.  For us, it is quickly set up on the cabin top and lauched over the rail.

Number one goal achieved, low profile, high visibility from cockpit.

Stem, Stern, and Keel
Set up before the truck tarp skin was added

The overcast but pleasant summer Sunday evening was perfect for the first splash and inaugural row.  The design is from Woodenwidgets founder Robin Benjamin.  Check out his web link below.  The designs are fun and intriguing.  There are numerous videos online of these handy little boats rowing and sailing.  One of the most attractive boats is the nesting dingy Stasha.  She only weighs 22 lbs and from videos posted, looks to sail quite well.

Set up in Seconds!

Demonstrating stability: So useful for getting into and out of with a high free-board sailboat.

We found our little boat to be as stable as we would like for getting in and out of boats with high freeboard or onto docks. One can step near the sides and not tip. Worries that rowing into the wind with some moderate chop were not tested on our week long vacation.  Time will tell, although we think she'll do quite well.
We enjoyed our tender to Windsong on a week sailing!

Wooden Widget Website

P.S. so sorry about the mis-publishing of a very incomplete post.  Pescawa's Relauching will be forthcoming!