Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Joshua's fresh new transom

A mild fall and winter last year made for decent outdoor work from October 2014 to the end of January 2015.  We had frequent visits from Bill who was active in the work and encouraged progress.  I personally enjoyed Bill's visits to the office, marked with humor, stories, and musings.  Andy, I and the shop built a friendship upon an acquaintance for which we are richer.  In late summer, we had the pleasure of visiting with Bill, Mary Alice and their crew/friend Dick, aboard Joshua in Doe Bay, Watmaugh Bay and then in Port Townsend for the Wooden Boat Festival, as they concluded their annual cruise in the inside passage.

Andy has captioned the pictures below with descriptions of the work.

Joshua at anchor in Watmaugh Bay

Our friend Bill's Spray replica, Joshua.  She'd been leaking from the deck

Some frame parts (futtocks) and the ends of the shelves and clamps were rotten.

Futtocks dry fit, working on the transom frame
New layers  (lift) in the taffrail, shelf/clamp assembly being re-engineered across the stern
Puzzling out the configuration of the quarter knees, clamps, shelves and transom frame

Locust quarter knees made and dry fit, ready for paint

Aft deck shelf and clamp

Shelf/clamp/ quarter knees installed, fitting covering board from below. Sprung into place.

Fitting top of transom frame under covering board. Also new frames down the sides

Bolting the frame heads to the structure

Lots of shape in the quarters

Framing and covering board all completed ready for planking

James working out the covering board on this side. He built it in two pieces to get around the frame heads and bulwarks
Planking begins, some ends were scarfed on.  Bill is having fun, as usual.  It's fir across the stern and yellow cedar on the sides. All galvanized fasteners.

Cork'er up and she'll float!

A boat on wheels?

And a good day to you sir!

Beta Marine Engines sold and installed at Emerald Marine

Emerald Marine is now a Beta Marine dealer.  Betas are Kubota diesel engines fitted with heat exchangers and a choice of reduction gears that provide a wide variety options for vessel re-powering.
Kubota engines are used in many applications, such as power generation and refrigeration, through out the world. They are very reliable and parts are easily available.

To successfully move old out and new in we employ a variety of methods and use various equipment that are handy in multiple situations. Our shop has an overhead beam with a trolly and electric chain fall for  boats inside. We use a crane for outside work.

This Beta 14 is in a 18' strip built Poulsbo boat.  It consumes a less than a pint per hour at 1800 rpm while making 4.5 knots.

Inside Windsong's engine compartment quiet and heat producing

We have successfully installed five Beta Marine engines including one in our company flagship "Windsong" and in a Stonehorse sloop that belonged to business partner James McMullen.

Max prop, nice addition!

For winter cruising heat Andy installed a  radiator and fan  that recycles the energy off the engine and blows it into the cabin.  It's a lovely feature for cooler weather boating.

Each install is different and has it's own challenges unique to each vessel.  Trouble shooting and adjustments typically are made in these areas: shaft, fuel system, engine mounting, control panel and electronics.  Our team works to make the transition and installation as easy as possible.

Slocum 42', Singularity
Beta 50
This engine replaced a Perkins 4018. It is more powerful, smoother and gained lots of space in the engine compartment which, together with all the engine's service points being easily accessible,
makes for a worthwhile upgrade. "Singularity"was in the yard for a major overhaul, including new teak decks, in preparation for extended cruising.

Our next project will be installing a Beta 35 in Symra a  42' Monk Sloop

Customer feedback….. quick reliable start up, simple control panel, smooth running and powerful, pleasing red color, easy maintenance.