Sunday, October 28, 2018

Beyond Boat Carpentry: Furniture and Accessories

Tables and other Wooden Things Created at Emerald Marine

The boat carpenters at Emerald Marine are also skilled furniture craftsmen. They get a certain pleasure in working from a foundation of straight planes and 90 degree angles.  Although you may see curves and soft edges on custom furniture pieces, freed from the confines of having to work around the turn of a bilge or side of a hull, inspiration can flow freely.  Steam bending, curved laminations, or even vacuum bagged shapes are all within the realm of possibilities in creating a unique shape or matching a current style. Traditional furniture is a part of what we do as well as custom designed accessories to match your boat's special interior and space use needs.

Many of us have saved a special piece of wood for years or have actively collected lumber for a certain project.  Perhaps for example, you have wood from the walnut tree in your grandparent's yard. These materials can be transformed into meaningful everyday items such as dining table, night stands,  and end tables that carry personal value and can become heirloom pieces to pass on through generations.  An affinity for the depth of grain of curly maple, sepele or bubinga, or the contrast of yellow heart with the deep hue of purple heart can inspire a special design.  Emerald Marine has access to handpicked fine woods from suppliers such as Edensaw Lumber based out of Port Townsend, WA.

Jean and Bret Andrich had a large plank which has a storied history.  It began it's service to the local fish processing industry in Anacortes as a gangplank to unload the schooner Wawona of its halibut catch.  As the cannery was broken up it became the work bench in Bret's father's shop and garage.  It shows the various marks and mars of it's past and has now become the dining table in their sunny dining nook.  Large enough to seat many, it now serves as the platform for the enjoyment of Jean's skillful cooking talents.

The finished surface showing the history of use and work.

Work bench ready to be transformed
Hewing the rough board with an adze passed on from Kristin's grandfather.

Finishing the surface with a hand plane.

Nail holes were filled with epoxy and graphite powder.

The original plank made the surface and uprights of the table while old railing make up the boarder and feet.

The table comes apart and re-assembles easily for mobility.

Andy volunteered to build a meeting table for the Friend's of the Forest office which is in what was the ticket office in Anacortes' historic Depot building. This Craftsman style trestle table was built of solid alder.

Solid Alder table with Locust Accent wedges

Craftsman Style table finished and in place at the Friends of the Forest and Anacortes Farmer's Market office.

This library table is Stickly Designed. 

Bedside table inspired by Art Notveau design

On a personal note Andy and Kristin were in need of some bedside tables.  These are a combination of black walnut from Andy's grandfathers tree.  The lighter accent wood is spalted red alder form the Olympic Peninsula.

Andy built the box on the front of his cargo bike with red cedar from Kristin's grandfather.

Red Cedar planked cargo box, with Yellow cedar frame and bottom.

The bike is a Bullit from Larry vs Harry, Copehagen. It was built up by Spendid Cycles, Portland, Or.

Here's some boat furniture: Custom cubbies for Ariel of Victoria's impressive collection of plate and cook ware.The big box is built on the bias to maximize space and accessibility.

Home comforts and cozy living.  It was a pleasure to add practical beauty
to Daniel Jorum and Christine Granquist's home.

From a galley that produces some truly epic meals!

Windsong's table is stowed out of the way.

The Cocobolla table slides, leg and hinges.

Leather strap that holds leaf to the leg.

After 20 years of various of us fooling around with Windsong's saloon table, we have settled on this Western Maple drop leaf.

Table fully extended.