Monday, November 19, 2012

Pescawa's Re-launch

Pescawa hit the water on September 12, 2012 after being on land for 4 years or more.  The day was auspiciously pleasant with much excitement and anticipation.  As one might imagine, extra attention was paid to having two important pieces of equipment in good working order.  Jim Rovang of  Rovang Marine made sure that the two bilge pumps were powered up to go, as water was expected to steadily seep into the seams due to the boats extended dry period.  Owner David Waterman was mostly smiles the whole time, if he was nervous he wasn't showing it!

David Waterman preparing the hull for paint

After sitting in the sling for couple hours Pescawa was towed to slip where she sat overnight, her seams adjusting and swelling as the pumps gradually slowed their duty.

Shiny new prop and fresh paint

Caulking and filling seams with putty

Pescawa's original cabin and doorway

Beside the cabin extension, this latest slate of work included: caulking in the stern, bumping the cotton and repaying it,  phase one of the interior remodel, hull paint, all new wiring, new instrument panel, and new Yanmar 120 hp engine, shaft, propeller, and 4-1 reduction gear.
To see previous work and a good picture of how she looked before the work began, please visit  Pescawa 2011.
Preparing to rebuild and extend cabin

Frames and purple heart sill of  house extension dry fit

The posts, knees, braces, cabin top beams lain out and painted before final installation
First trip to Fuel Dock with new engine
Helm station with new electrical panel to the left