Friday, December 12, 2014

Practical Skin on Frame Boats

With these beautifully functional small boats you can also see the water and bioluminescence as you row along!
Light enough to carry for launching.  This is James with his lengthened version
WOW tows like a dream!
After months and days working on boats for other people, Andy and James decided to take on a personal boat project and build these lovely skin on frame boats for themselves.  James had a friend come up for the weekend building.  Andy and James decided each to take departures from the designs, while James' friend stuck with original plans.  James modified his by stretching out the design  and Andy double ended his for a peapod type design.

Lashing, stem, 
Cloth ( ballistic nylon) is tacked on and stretched around the frame then coated with  urathane.

Close up of the stitching on the stem.

Lovely Symmetry

fitting the thwarts
Frames all oiled up

Applied urethane coating drying in the shed.

James knocked out a youth sized baidarka kayak as well.

The after-gathering for the 2014Anacortes Small Boat Messabout, Saddlebag Island

Heading back to Windsong after a near shore circumnavigation of Saddlebag
For more information:

Tender WOW on a November sail to Blind Bay at Shaw Island