We had to get down to the mouth by 9-ish the next morning to get out of the channel ahead of the incoming tide, but after that, we had time for a nice sail before it was our turn to go in and tie up for the Festival. The wind was fresh enough to sail upwind against the incoming tide all the way to Point Wilson, so Tim and I did. Here's the point Wilson Lighthouse, and just beyond it, Conspiracy Strait.

And Alex Zimmerman showed up in Hornpipe just then, sporting his nice, new lug-yawl cruising set-up. Awesome!

What could be better than a bunch of pretty boats in a row?

But eventually it was time to go in and dock for the Festival at Point Hudson Marina. Milepost 121.What a nice show! The weather was fully cooperative this year for attendees, and it was pleasant and sunny the whole time. I got to park right between wizbang and AJZimm, which is definitely fun from what I can remember. Bruce is generous indeed with his beer, starting me off with a nice breakfast lager every day, and davebrown brought me even more. And it sure was hot and thirsty work, sitting at the dock like that. Anyways I very much enjoyed getting to see all sorts of friends, new and old. The panorama feature did a funny thing here, as that's actually a straight dock.

My friend Bernhard showed up from Portland with the skin-on-frame whitehall I'd built, so that was fun to see it again, and get to row it around the harbor. And BBSebens helped me out and awful lot by hanging out and answering all the general questions about Rowan and Sail & Oar™ for several hours so that I could visit with my friends. Much appreciated, Ben! You did a great job spreading the Sail & Oar Gospel, too.