Monday, April 29, 2013

A Lovely Short Documentary Featuring Wooden Boats

Last summer our friend, Kat Gardiner, approached Andy asking if he'd be interested in providing material for a short documentary highlighting traditional craft. I am please to share the result.  Enjoy!


The process included a couple of visits to the shop for stills and video, a blustery sailing afternoon, a voice recording session in Portland, and the final filming with the title art back at the shop. Early on, Kat and her husband Nathan Walker,  took it a step further and spent one night aboard Windsong to have an even more intimate experience with a wooden boat. The video's dreamy background music is provided by Dana Falconberry, Sea of Bees and Your Heart Breaks.  It is very exciting to see how all these elements come together.  Of course there is so much more I have no idea about. Clearly, Kat's talent, care and creativity come through.

For some background. Kat and Nathan, currently residing in Portland, used to live in Anacortes and ran the Back Porch Cafe at The Music Business. Kat co-ownes New Canada, does freelance work, and writes for Vice magazine. Nathan used to work here at Emerald Marine and now keeps us up to date in exciting independent music.  His promotional company is Riot Act Media.  The appropriately nautical title art is created by Jessica Lynch of Slow Loris Shirts. The boat featured in the caulking sequence is Pescawa featured in an earlier Emerald Marine blog post.

It is an honor to be included it this project!

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