Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Swansong Progress, Part 2

Here are some more pictures of the decks during the winter phase:

Fitting around hatches on the house top

'Midship deck laid up on table

Nibs on the forward hatch
The second phase of work for Swansong continued in Emerald Marine's front yard.  We could nearly see the end result!  Northwest Rigging finished reinstalling the hardware and we put some final teak pieces in place.  The hull, house, and cockpit was washed, waxed and buffed. Rebuilt hatches were installed

While everything got the finishing touches surprise warm sunny weather caught a few carpenters off guard.  Prompting sunhats and sunscreen's prudent use.

Newly varnished instrument pod and new dam for the cockpit dodger.
The riggers simplified the deck plan and removed some winches, doubling up some of the remaining ones.

Looking aft from foredeck

Below decks there were cabinets and headliners to reinstall. After that, it was time for some varnishing to make everything gleam like new. The deck job created a good buzz around and several people have come to take a look. We are proud to have had a hand in this cool project!
New sail tracks and teak fairings

Off she goes.
Best seat in the house

Swansong didn't go far.  She is visible from our back yard now, rig up and almost ready for her summer's fun. She's ready to fly again!